Master Scope and Sequence – Twos

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Date Story Objective Old Versions Other Lessons (for optional use)
June Creation God made the world. CreationPalm Sunday (Kingdom Journey)
July God created people God made me. NoahRe-Creation (Kingdom Journey)
Aug Abraham God loves his family. AbrahamJesus is Promised
Sept Moses God takes care of us. MosesJesus is Baptized
Oct David God helps us. DavidJesus Teaches on a Mountain
Nov Jonah God is with us everywhere we go. Jesus Loves Kids
Dec Jesus' Birth Jesus is born. Jesus Is BornGod Chose David - his anointing
Jan Jesus finds disciples Jesus had friends. Zacchaeus
Feb Jesus feeds 5000 Jesus gives us what we need. Jesus Makes Us Brave (Peter)
March Jesus Walks on Water Jesus is with us when we're afraid. Holy Spirit Comes
April Easter Jesus rescues us. Jesus Is Alive10 Commandments
May Jesus prayed/Prayer stories We can talk to God.