Master Scope and Sequence – K2

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Creation: goodness of God God is good Creation/Fall God came up with a plan to bring us close Creation God made everything out ofnothing
Creation: we are image-bearers We are made in God's image Noah God wants a relationship with us Image of God God designed us in his image
The Fall Adam and Eve disobey God Tower of Babel God wants us to worship him The Fall We need God's rescue
Noah God rescues Noah Abraham and Sarah God keeps his promises Abraham and Sarah God created a family
Tower of Babel We can't get to God on our own (we need a rescue). Jacob and Esau God keeps his promises Joseph God wants our obedience
Abraham and Sarah God keeps his promises Rachel and Leah God's love is enough Moses (Called by God) God has a purpose for us
Jacob and Esau God loves us (even when we mess up) Joseph God is always with us Red Sea to Wilderness (include manna/pillar of fire/etc) God Provides for his family
Joseph (compare Joseph and Jesus) God is always with us Moses (Exodus 2-4) God Uses Unlikely People Wilderness (Tabernacle) God wants to be close to us
Moses and the burning bush God calls us Moses and Passover God Rescues His Family Balaam God blesses his family OR promises a rescuer
Moses and Red Sea (Passover / tie to Preparation!) God rescues his family Moses and Red Sea God will have victory Joshua and Jericho God is in control
Wilderness (Manna, 10 Commandments, Golden Calf) God provides for his family Wilderness 1: God's Provision (Exodus 16; 25-40) God teaches his family to trust Sun Stood Still God fights for us
Joshua Becomes Leader We can trust God with our whole hearts Wilderness 2: Golden Calf God wants our worship Gideon and the small army God doesn't need our help
Deborah God never leaves his people Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 12-13) God wants our trust Samson God uses all kinds of people???
Gideon (fear and fleece) God is in control Crossing the Jordan God wants our obedience Ruth (Book of Ruth) God invites us into his family
David is Anointed God chooses unexpected people Ehud God uses unlikely people Samuel (1 Samuel 3) God speaks
David and Goliath God rescues his family Ruth (Book of Ruth) God Invites Everyone to be Part of his Family Elijah and the Ravens (I Kings 16:29-I Kings 17:5 God provides when we obey him
Abigail God changes hearts Hannah Talks to God; Samuel Listens God wants a relationship with us Elijah and the prophets of Baal (I Kings 18) God is the one true God
Namaan God heals our hearts (can also say God shows us grace) Elijah runs from Jezebel God is in control Elisha and Namaan (2 Kings 3; 2 Kings 5) God wants us to obey, even when it's not fun or doesn't make sense
Josiah We can follow God's word David and Jonathon God wants us to serve our friends Esther (Esther) God has a plan and we get to be part of it
Esther God has a plan for us David Becomes King God chooses an unexpected person to be part of his story Job (Job) God wants our trust
Jeremiah God calls us to share him, even when we're young Solomon God gives us wisdom Proverbs God calls us to be wise
Daniel Stands Up We can follow God no matter what Nehemiah God hears our prayers Prophets God shares his plan
Shadrach Meshach and Abednago God rescues us Isaiah Isaiah Promises Jesus Daniel and the lions God saves us
Jonah We can obey Thanksgiving: Psalms We can praise Jesus Amos God wants to redeem us
Thanksgiving: 10 lepers Jesus wants us to give thanks Jesus' Birth Jesus was the promised rescuer Jonah God has mercy
Jesus is born The rescuer is born Shepherds and Wise Men God Speaks to Us Thanksgiving God reminds his family he loves them
Jesus surprised people Jesus came for everyone Celebrate Christmas! Jesus is here! Jesus' Birth Jesus was the promised rescuer
Wise Men Seek The magi traveled a long way to worship John the Baptist God prepared us for Jesus Shepherds and Wise Men God Speaks to Us
Jesus at the Temple Jesus spent time with God Jesus' Disciples (Invitation) Jesus invited people to follow him Celebrate Christmas! Jesus is here!
Jesus First Miracle' Jesus shows us God's power The Good Samaritan (Invitation) Jesus wants everyone to know his love Jesus at the Temple Jesus shows us how to act.
Jesus Is Baptized Jesus showed others how to follow him Mat (Invitation!) We can introduce our friends to Jesus Jesus (GS: Jesus) Jesus was the same yet different
Jesus (GS: Jesus) Jesus was the same yet different Zacchaeus Jesus wants to be our friend John the Baptist We can show others how to follow Jesus
Jesus chooses disciples We can follow Jesus Nicodemus Jesus gives us new life (John 2:23-25, 3:1-21) Jesus chooses disciples The disciples put Jesus first
The Beatitudes We are valuable to God Feeding the 5,000 (the Boy and his Basket) Jesus can do anything! Jesus heals a man (Mat) Jesus wants to help us and our friends
Zacchaeus Jesus loved Zach when nobody else did The Widow's Mite Jesus calls us to be generous Jesus heals (lady and Jairus' daughter) Jesus wants to fix what is broken
Prodigal Son God loves us no matter what Peter walked on water Jesus wants us to be brave Parable of the Banquet God invites everyone to be part of his Kingdom
Wise and Foolish builder Jesus calls us to obey him Lazarus Jesus has power over life and death Zacchaeus Jesus' love changes us
The Lost Sheep God wants us all to be part of his family Mary and Martha Jesus wants to be first in our lives Jesus Calms the Storm Jesus keeps us safe
Good Samaritan God wants us to love our neighbor Last Supper/Garden We can serve God by serving others (connect to R&B) Palm Sunday Jesus is announced as the Rescuer
Jesus walks on water We can trust Jesus to do anything Palm Sunday We can praise the promised king Easter Jesus is alive!
Mary Magdalene (USE JSB VIDEO, NOT GS) Jesus loves it when we show him love EASTER Jesus rescued us! Jesus' Ascension Jesus went back to Heaven and it's our job to share his story
The Last Supper Jesus wants us to stay connected to him Ascension Jesus gave us a special job God sent the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit helps us follow Jesus
Palm Sunday Jesus is our king Pentecost (Peter Preaches) God sends the Holy Spirit Paul Meets Jesus After Paul meets Jesus, he follows him
Easter Jesus rescued us so we can be close to him Peter and the early church We can share Jesus with others Paul and Silas We can worship God anytime
Ascension Jesus gave us a special job Paul Meets Jesus After Paul meets Jesus, he follows him Timothy Timothy learns about Jesus, so he can teach others
Pentecost (Adoption and Spirit) God sent the Holy Spirit to help us follow Jesus Paul's Shipwreck God can protect us Peter We can share Jesus with others
The Early Church God wants his family to love one another Prayer We can talk to God Prayer John talks to God--and listens to him
Paul God wants us to get to know him so we can share his love Re-Creation God has an amazing future planned for his family. Re-Creation God will create a new home for his family
Re-Creation One day, God will create a perfect home for his family God's Story God loves us and wants us to be part of his story. Celebration Celebrate getting to be part of God's story!
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SamuelDavid and GoliathLost Sheep
ElijahDaniel and the Lions' Den (Thanksgiving version)Kingdom of Heaven
Daniel and the Lions' DenWise and Foolish Builders
God's Story (SB)
Jesus Heals A Man
Beans and Rice
David and Goliath