KC Weekly: The Fall

Watch this and then use the questions below to have a conversation together.

And if you’re interested, there is a bonus resource below just for parents that you might find helpful to watch before leading your kids through this activity.

#1 What do you think God wants us to know about him from this story? What does God want us to know about ourselves from this story?

#2 God wants us to trust him to tell us what is good and what is evil. But instead, sometimes we try to decide for ourselves what’s good or evil. Why does God want us to trust him instead of figuring it out ourselves?

#3 God wants us to trust him. What does it mean to trust God? What’s one way our family needs to trust God right now?

Bonus Resource

Parents, the Bible can be a difficult book to understand for all of us. If you’d like some resources that will help you personally process some of the background on the Bible so you can better lead your kids through conversations, we recommend The Bible Project.

Here’s a video that might be helpful for you BEFORE you talk about the Fall with your kids:

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