KC Weekly: PRAY Game

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6

Prayer is a conversation with God. As you begin to talk with God, follow the letters that spell the word “PRAY.”

P is for PRAISE, or telling God what you love about him and thanking him for all he has done. R is for REPENT, or saying sorry for doing something that God wouldn’t want you to do and choosing to obey God instead. A is for ASK, meaning just that—ask! Y is for YIELD. To yield means to listen to what God wants and choosing to go his way over our own.

Let’s P.R.A.Y.!

Each person take a turn reading aloud the fill-in-the-blank prayer script. Notice how the statements match up with the P.R.A.Y. game letters. Oldest person goes first.

Note: If your kids are younger, you can read each section for them, pausing so they can fill in the blank (probably with your help).

“God, I PRAISE you for ________ (example: Your Goodness). Thank you for ________ (ex. giving me a great family). I REPENT for ________ (ex. being selfish). I’m sorry that I ________ (include a specific example of the behavior you named). I ASK ________ (ex. help me to share; heal my friend). Help me to YIELD to your will. I think you’re telling me to ________ (ex. help with the dishes) instead of ________ (ex. watching TV). Help me to obey you. Amen.”

PRO TIP: The yielding part requires action. Be sure to DO what God is telling you to do, rather than just talking a big game.

PRAYER DARE: Everyone sit quietly for a minute. Clear your mind as best you can and listen for God. Listen for anything he might be saying or asking you to do. After a minute is up, begin the game. Consider that anything you may have heard could be from God and is yield worthy.

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