KC Weekly: Play & Purpose Ideas

Try these ideas to experience more Play & Purpose in your family:

  • Let your kids meal plan for a week and grocery shop accordingly. You could let them plan a specific meal for every day this next week or let them map out the whole weekend. Sometimes we need ice cream for breakfast!
  • Have a Family Meeting and decide on a short, memorable family motto or mission statement. 
  • Heist! Use tape or string to create a “laser” obstacle course in your hallway. See who can get through it the quickest.
  • Create your own family sport, then go to a park and play it. Bonus points if you get other people to play, too.
  • Do a toy purge. Have each kid pick 3 toys or books to donate, and drop them off at a donation center together. Talk about gratitude and generosity on your way there and back.

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