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Kids’ Club at Home (older) | Fire From the sky!? | Elijah and Mt. Carmel

Bible Say What!? There are some wild stories in the Bible, like the time God rained down FIRE from the
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Kids’ Club at Home (younger) | God is Always With Us | Daniel and the Hungry Lions

Daniel got thrown into a pit of LIONS–and he survived! Join Allison and discover how God protected
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Kids’ Club at Home (older): Epic Hair FAIL–Say WHAT!?

Epic hair FAIL in the Bible–say WHAT?! What does having crazy hair have to do with God? Join us as
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Kids’ Club at Home (younger) | God Helps Us | Naaman and the Stinky River!

Naaman was REALLY sick, and God helped him in the most amazing way! Join Allison and see what a stinky
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