Kids’ Club Anywhere

Crossroads Anywhere is a platform for people of all ages to connect to a community of growing Christ-followers who are changing the world. You can use this digital booklet (it’s a great place to start) to structure your time with kids, ages three through fifth grade. 

KC Anywhere Lessons (developed for a threes through fifth)

April 22-23: Lesson and Presentation
April 29-30: Lesson and Presentation

Want a specific age group lesson? Go here for weekend lessons developed for our sites (for each lesson, there is a corresponding presentation):

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Here are some other ways to make kids part of the experience:

  • Have kid stuff around. Like toys, crayons or even space for them to do somersaults. They’ll feel like they belong.
  • Give your kids headphones and a device, and let them watch videos on the Kids’ Club Vimeo channel (or YouTube, if you prefer).
  • Recruit a couple trustworthy people to lead the kids. They could watch videos on and talk about them together, pull activities from the Kids’ Club weekend experience (lessons are always posted on, or simply engage kids in group games.
  • Invite kids to worship with you by watching the music portion of the adult service together. It could make for great conversation through the week as you ask them what they liked, what confused them, what surprised them, etc.
  • Co-parent. Seriously. Know your boundaries, but grow in comfort with your friends’ kids. Learn their parenting style and help each other out.


No matter what works best for your group logistically, talk to your kids about the power of community and why you’re meeting together. Maybe even call the people you meet with “family” and explain how that’s possible because of our relationship with Jesus.