Check out the newest volume of original Kids' Club music!
If you have a kid who needs some extra attention in Kids' Club, check this out.
Kids' Club
Want a chance to serve on an amazing (and growing) team? We'd love for you to check out Kids' Club.
Want to Volunteer?
There are all kinds of volunteer roles in Kids' Club...whether you want to work directly with kids or behind the scenes.
Baptism for Kids
A brief guide to help you understand baptism and figure out whether or not your kid’s ready for it.

KC Plays: Ask Me Who Loves Me

Check out this new series from Kids' Club where kids (or anyone, really) can play along with another
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What I’ve Learned: Gratitude

When we're grateful, research shows we're happier and healthier. Kim has great ideas for ways to instill
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KC Weekend Experience: January 6-7, 2018

Here’s what happens in Kids’ Club.
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God Made: Rhino

God made everything in the world (including rhinos!) and created people to love him and enjoy the earth.
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