Daily Talk Starters

January 14-15


This week, kids in 3rd-5th grade heard about how Jesus lived a balanced life, while kids in preschool through second grade learned what Jesus was like as a kid. Hear more about Jesus’ life with this video!



Read John 2:1-11, and talk about what Jesus was like as a kid. How would you describe him after reading this story? Does he have anything in common with you? How are you different?



Whether we’re kids or adults, we all experience fear sometimes, because we live in a broken world. And that’s why Jesus came to earth: to show us that his love will ALWAYS beat fear. Sing along to this video about it!



Watch this video and see what it was like when Jesus and his family had to travel to Jerusalem! Was it similar, or different to how you travel with your own family?



Jesus lived a balanced life, and spent time doing different things that are all important, like spending time with friends, spending time with God and serving others. Pick out one of those things (time with friends, time with God, or time serving others) and come up with one way you could focus on it this week. Here’s some ideas to get you started: Invite a friend to Kids’ Club, talk to God before you go to bed, or serve someone by doing a kind thing for them, even if it’s not fun!