Daily Talk Starters



Jesus’ power didn’t stop after he went home to heaven. He’s still alive today, and he’s given us the Holy Spirit to help us show the world how to follow him! Check out this God’s Story to hear all about it.




What’s the Great Commision, and why did Jesus give it to us? Find out in this episode of “Ask Shrimpola”.



Who can you invite to be a part of God’s family? What friends, family members, neighbors or classmates could you share Jesus with? Write their names down on a post it and hang it up in your house. Pray for these people whenever you see the post it!



It’s not always easy to share Jesus with others, but there’s one thing you can do right now! As a family, think of at least one friend, or a whole family, that you want to know Jesus. Then INVITE them to Kids’ Club/Crossroads!



Jesus wants us to invite others to be a part of his family, but we can’t do that if we’re quiet! Sing along to this music video about being brave and shouting Jesus’ name out loud.